Mission of Hope INTERNATIONAL 

   11 F"r I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future" Jeremiah 29:11 

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How can they hear without someone preaching to them? And how can anyone preach unless they are sent? Romans 10: 14-15

SOM trains and equips believers to :-

a) Live a victorious Christian life.

b) Prepares believers for Ministry.

c) Trains believers to fulfill the call of God on their lives. 

12 Weeks. 12 Topics. 12 Diverse speakers who have lived out what they teach — all picked specifically to prepare you, for a life  devoted to ministry. 

 We also prepare you for long and short term mission trip which  can also be customized. 

Your lecture phase  includes the following core subjects:

The first few weeks of your S.O.M  will focus on developing you as a leader. You will discover your unique leadership strengths and glean essential principles of Christian leadership..

We encourage active evangelism  throughout the school. Our lectures on evangelism will equip you to communicate the gospel effectively  
in a cross cultural environment.

The Lord's command to “make disciples of all nations” is for you. This mini-mester will start with orienting you with the state of world missions. Then we'll respond to the question "How?" by gaining practical skills in church planting and community development. The big-picture and the practical will be woven together with your project on an Unreached People Group.

Ministry Development
During this minimester  you will develop your vision for ministry, build your support team, and strategize how you will achieve your goals.


Church Planting
Community Development and Transformation
Pioneering Ministries
Teaching and Preaching
Biblical Foundations for Missions
Primary Health Training for long and short term missions
Strategic World Missions
Team Dynamics and Leading

During lecture phase we offer an internship that relates to the field God has called you to serve. Following the internship you have the option to continue

with local church, a mission field or join our team. 

The Practical Training:

2 days Mission Trip to Mexico
Proclamation and Evangelism
Support Raising and Networking
Ministry Planning and Budgeting
Discipleship and Mentorship

3 month lecture phase: 

Cost: $2850
Includes: Tuition, housing, food, and transportation.


You can pick the subject of your choice. Each subject is 1 week training

Cost $350 per week includes:  Tuition, housing, food, transportation  and local mission outreach activities .

Outreach Phase: 2 days Mission Trip to Mexico

Cost: Its free for those  who have enrolled in our 3 months training.

For those who have not enrolled for the entire course 

the Cost is: $400 which includes: housing, food, in-country transportation.

                                                                              MHI PRIMARY HEALTH CARE TRAINING 

Preparing you for long and short term Medical Mission Trip and equipping you to address and

meet the majority of health needs  in developing countries.

Learn practical health care
skills to love and serve those in desperate need.

Get trained and equipped to meet the single greatest need in the world today –

Primary Health Care

In the Primary Health Care training you learn practical health care and health education 

skills that enable you to address and meet the majority of health needs  in developing countries.

In doing so you will serve people and demonstrate Gods love in the most practical way and

develop your own character while helping the poor and needy.

​Unfortunately, health care is neglected in many parts of the world and requires immediate

attention which is both a challenge and a sacrifice. We in MHI have stepped in to reveal God's

love through our medical skills as we offer healthcare to the sick and the suffering. 

During the 3 month “lecture phase” you will have experienced teachers giving you essential info and practical experience in the following topics:

God’s heart for the poor and needy and holistic health
Fearfully and wonderfully made – The human body: Anatomy and Physiology
Nutrition and its impact on community health, malnutrition, nutritional rehabilitation
Maternal & Child Health, pre- and postnatal care
IMCI (Integrated management of Childhood Illnesses)
Water and Sanitation
Patient assessment and basic curative care (learn how to diagnose and treat common diseases)
Tropical Medicine & International Health topics, Immunization
Simple Health Education (how to effectively teach health care messages)
Essential Drugs (handling and dispensing of pharmaceutical supplies)
How to work with communities (Worldview, and Community resources)
First Aid, emergency and disaster response

During outreach you will put into practice the skills you have learned and get more understanding of God’s heart for communities and the poor and needy.

Your outreach team will conduct Medical Camps in South East Asia and Central America  in rural and remote areas  as well as urban slums where you diagnose and treat a variety of common illnesses in children and adults. The team will also teach health education in villages and schools focusing on basic health topics. 

After the training you can join our team with the Primary Health Care Training. Our vision is to develop and multiply the training program in countries where Primary  Health Care is most needed and serve in South East Asia and Central America.


Entire Course: $2850

1 Week Training:  $350

Includes: Tuition, Housing, Lecture.